I’m really sorry I don’t post anymore. I’m pretty stressed, because of school, my life is terrible and I feel like shit. 

I’m thinking about deleting this blog. I just can’t find any time to post. I’m so sorry. I love you all!

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Heyy, I'm going to Algarve 3 days and I"m going to the beach. Can you do the oufits that I can use pls? And the food that she would probably eat at the beach. (This sounds weird, I'm sorry ahah)

Posted the outfits. I think she would eat ice creme, fruits and for lunch pizza. x

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Hi, :) could you do a Little mix inspired (best would be perrie) 1D concert outfit to a specific shirt (i cant send the link :( it's plain black, loose, ends around the waist and on the back is in white letters "Malik 93) the weather will be cloudy and around 16 degrees. i need it by june 3rd. would be awesome if you could do one , i literally have no idea. thank you (:

Posted an outfit. x

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hello love. I hope this doesn't sound creepy but I was wondering if you could make a guide on how to be like perrie. now I don't mean to physically try to be like her or morph yourself into being like her but I just mean can you make a guide on how to have a positive mindset on life kind of like she does.

Basically you just have to wear a little smile all the time. She’s a very happy person and she always wears a smile. If you’re smiling you automatically get happier even if you’re not in such a good mood. 

You just have to be confident with yourself and love life. Enjoy everything you do, be happy with the things you have and go for the things you want. xx

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I'm going to the Little Mix concert in Dublin and I would love your advise on what to wear, perries style. Including hair and makeup? Xxx

Posted it. x

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Could you matey show some hairstyles perrie would wear to school ?
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How would perrie style her hair for a world cup themed party?

I guess she wouldn’t do anything special with her hair..
Maybe she’d make a ponytail and use elastics in the colours of the team she supports? I don’t know. x

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do you know if it's possible to buy perrie's pink hair dye in america? and if so where? Thanks:)

Her hair colour is Live Color XXL Ultra Bright Shocking Pink 93.
I think you’ll find it in drugstores or just look at amazon. xx

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Can you maybe make a set that perrie would wear with white nike air max? Thanks x

Posted it. x

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