Leigh looks so fucking beautiful with this long wavey hair! 😍

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Hey guys,

I’m in London till Friday, so I can’t do your request. I haven’t posted because I’ve already been in London the last five days.
So when I get back I’ll do all your requests! Love you lots! ♡

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Does anyone of you lovely people have snapchat?
If yes, send me your name. :)

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Happy birthday!! 😍😘❤️ love the blog babe :)

Thank you love! ♥ :)

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happy birthday have a good daaay xx

Thank you so much. xx

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Happy Birthday!

Thank you love! ♥

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Happy birthday

Thanks. xx

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It’s my Birthday! Yaaaay! :D 

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HEYYYY!!! I'm meeting with my really attractive friend I haven't seen in a year and I've lost weight and got my braces off and I wanna look GORGEOUS! I recently bought a Black Topshop a line skater dress and i really want to wear it , but I'm not sure how to. I don't wanna be over dressed it under dressed cause were just walking around DC but I wanna look pretty can you help?? Thank you so much

Done. Hope you like it! xx

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Hi I was wondering if you could do a master post on what the girls would wear for a beach trip to mexico from forever 21, pacsun, and h&m please!☺

Posted something. xx

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