I have a red lace dress with 3/4 lace sleeves, how and when can I wear it?

- black heels, black leather jacket, golden chain necklace; ponytail

- creepers, white lace socks, parka, some bracelets; messy hair

- white high top converse, golden chain necklace; hair open and wavey

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How many requests do u have?

About 130

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I'm 15 years old, exactly 5 feet tall and I weigh 113 pounds and someone came up to me earlier and told me I need to lose weight -.- I usually don't get too insecure but when a total stranger said this it made me start to wonder if she was right

Are you kidding? Don’t listen to any dumb stranger who has to tell people how to live their life. You’re beautiful the way you are! I personally think 113 pounds is not too much when you’re 5ft tall. You just have to be confident about yourself. If you yourself think you weigh to much, you have to do something against it. But never let anyone tell you, that you’re too fat or small or not able to reach your goals. And especially not, when any random stranger tells you.
You’re beautiful and you have to feel good. That’s everything that counts!
Love you! xx ♡

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If I want to get my hair cut like Perrie's when it was shoulder length, what picture should I use, and how should I describe it to my stylist? x

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Hi :) I really love your blog I was wondering if you could do some summer outfits but still be appropriate for school in my school the shorts have I be like mid-thigh and the tank tops have to be four fingers width Thank you so much :))
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Hi love! I'm just started this Perrie makeup/beauty blog and was wondering if you could tell your followers? ^.^ Thank you!! Xxx


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Hey Leute,

dieser post geht mal nur an meine lieben Follower aus Deutschland. Ich habe mir jetzt Kleiderkreisel angeschafft und habe auch vor dort was zu verkaufen oder zu tauschen. :)
Wer will kann gerne mal gucken bei “xxcelinexo”
Und folgen dürft ihr natürlich auch.
Love you! ♡

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Leigh looks so fucking beautiful with this long wavey hair! 😍

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HEYYYY!!! I'm meeting with my really attractive friend I haven't seen in a year and I've lost weight and got my braces off and I wanna look GORGEOUS! I recently bought a Black Topshop a line skater dress and i really want to wear it , but I'm not sure how to. I don't wanna be over dressed it under dressed cause were just walking around DC but I wanna look pretty can you help?? Thank you so much

Done. Hope you like it! xx

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Hi I was wondering if you could do a master post on what the girls would wear for a beach trip to mexico from forever 21, pacsun, and h&m please!☺

Posted something. xx

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